Accessorize Your Vehicle From Midstate Toyota!

ARB Accessories in Asheboro, NC

Accessorize your vehicle today at Midstate Toyota with high-quality ARB 4x4 accessories.

ARB will protect your your four-wheel drive vehicle in even the most extreme driving conditions. Adding these to your vehicle will ensure many years of smooth and stress-free ownership.

The ARB 4×4 Accessories company was founded by Anthony Ronald Brown in 1975 Australia. The company’s products, which include suspension systems nitrocharger shocks, air lockers, bull bars, bumpers and tire carriers, are throughly researched and well-developed, making it a leader in manufacturing and distribution.

If you would like more information on adding ARB 4×4 Accessories to your Toyota vehicle, then head on over to our dealership, browse our website or give us a call at 336-308-5739